Esteemed Scholars, Thinkers, and Knowledge Creators - please allow me to share with you our new social network for researchers, leaders, and managers, and the entire academic and scholar-practitioner community.

This network is created to help you in a number of ways, not limited to the following:
  1.  A platform to keep you connected with your scholar groups or social networks
  2. A platform for researchers who need a platform for Asynchronous Interviews and Focus Groups. Through the creation of a dedicated social group, you may invite your participants to join your group and interact with each other on topical issues there, which will help you for your data collection and research project. This is necessary in times of COVID-19 and lockdowns.
  3. A scholar and leadership platform to help you keep informed with the latest information regarding conferences, colloquia, seminars, and debates. Learn about upcoming webinars about Research Methods covering different and complex topical issues, some of them probably relating to your research area.
  4. A platform to provide you with current affairs in research and groundbreaking research on different areas within the social and management sciences.
  5. A place to make connections with researchers all over the world.
Please connect to this platform and start inviting your friends and colleagues.
We look forward to interacting and sharing with you in the future.
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